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whoa. what's all the negging? no one is claiming strong AI / self aware/ general purpose here

yet, even given the very real limits to this type of research how long did it take to beat a human chessmaster? all those "we were doing this in the 60s..." didn't happen, did it? yeah, they thought it would be easy to beat humans but it wasn't.

then finally IBM did it, with years of effort. Go was next, challenging due to its nature. took a while but nowhere as long. still teams of experts assisting.

now, quite soon after the newly reigning Go AI is defeated by an auto-learning system using much less resources.

impressive. true, means nada in terms of general AI, but an impressive addition to what was a chosen subfield of endeavour for AI research.

HAL or equivalent? Doesn't seem like much is happening on that front, but idiots savants are starting to happen, slowly. at least in the field of boardgames.

a field that has flummoxed many in the past.

You're welcome to make your advances in the field if you're so dismissive of other folks'.

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