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It won't be an M16 (which is a fully automatic Machine Gun!) unless from earlier than 1983.

All states fully automatic weapons such as the M16 or M4 are illegal ...BUT....the Semi-automatic

AR-15 which LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE an M16 IS fully legal to carry around on your back in

many states!

And in the USA, it is perfectly alright to carry your typical Glock 9mm, Colt 45

and Smith & Wesson .357 handgun wherever you like (open carry of course!)

You need a CCP (Concealed Carry Permit) in many states to have your gun

hidden in your jacket BUT open carry strapped to your hip in a VISIBLE holster

like an 1880's gunslinger is PERFECTLY ALRIGHT in many parts of the USA!

Thank You 2nd Amendment!

The 2nd Amendment (The right to Bear Arms) ENSURES the sanctity

of the 1st Amendment (The Right to Free Speech and Freedom of Assembly)

and all others, so I can ASSURE YOU that ANY attempt to remove or hinder the


IF NECESSARY of those responsible from holding ANY County, State or

Federal political office within the United States...AND I ABSOLUTELY

SUPPORT AND STAUNCHLY DEFEND the tenets the 2nd Amendment

of The United States Constitution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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