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you missed "with a vastly bloated opinion of their abilities and importance"

Somehow I have a feeling that you and I would get on :)

That said, there are a few good people at EY - they're just never allowed near customers as they make the rest of them look bad. They're typically the people they roll out of they need to show staff in pre-sales, but they're *way* too costly to be allowed to operate a job as it reduces the profit margin.

My not so positive experience with consulting is why we prefer to use the term adviser. We tell consultants what to do, and worse (for them), we keep an eye on it so that it actually gets done with a degree of competence - that has actually become a job in itself. Personally I prefer to solve real world problems rather than supervise petulant children, but it pays the bills.

I *earned* my grey hair..

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