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Lenovo spits out retro ThinkPads for iconic laptop's 25th birthday

Matthew Collier

Funny (but sad) review...


His presenting style cracks me up (lots of swearing (but it's funny)), but he's accurate in his condemnation of this new Thinkpad.

As he says, check out the 1080p 16x9 screen :( and the crappy U CPU (check out the CPU Benchmark score, it's pretty shocking!)

And again, as people have said, no proper indicator lights, no hardware buttons etc.

Such a missed opportunity. I was waiting to see the specs, I've decided to buy an old (2011) W520 and upgrade that for relative peanuts in cost (and will run a modern linux pretty damn quick (don't need any games)). I really like the old keyboards, this is the newest old Thinkpad with a reasonable sized screen that you can buy, sadly... :(

(I bought a fairly recent E550 too, but it's crap compared to the "proper" Thinkpads... :( )

Probably going to have to spend some serious money next time to get a decent keyboard (via a "gaming" laptop).

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