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A not entirely neurotypcial person writes

Fucking hot teen age and early twenty something sound like lots of fun but I'll bet "Big Harvey" enjoyed something else even more.

The ones who really didn't like it. The ones who are just barely controlling their tears, and then when they can't hold them any longer, the sobbing. Plowing into them knowing they'd almost rather die than be where they are at the moment, and the fact there's nothing they can do about it. Those are the sweetest moments.

Rape (and if there was a video camera present I'd bet some of these incidents were rape) is not about sex, but about power. The truth is if they submit willingly ("It's for my career. Ho hum") it's just not as much fun for some people, and I think Harvey is one of those. This is not role play with a safe word. This is not a game he could have hired someone to play (or even his very attractive wife. A useful cover, handy for the "Why would I do such a thing when I can come home to her" defense).

Anon, as this post might seem a bit sinister, and I don't want to suffer a "reverse halo" effect for my other posts.

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