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I love disruptive computer jargon. It's so very William Burroughs

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When you said the term handy was coined by the Saxons - you created a very strange mental picture in my head. I didn't think the people of the Saxony, my brain supplied the mental image of Saxons. Since I've visited Sutton Hoo, that was a bloke in really impressive armour with a bloody big war axe on a 6 foot shaft and a nice sword. Complete with shield and a boat full of shiny things to take to the afterlife.

I don't remember the section of the museum dedicated to his Nokia 3310 - but I imagine that's just because the government hushed it up. Being a 3310 they were able to turn it on, and it still had 2 bars of battery left, which is how they could look up his contacts and find out he was called Redwulf.

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