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Twitter: Why we silenced Rose McGowan after she slammed alleged sex pest Harvey Weinstein

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From what I've read on this, pertty much all of the attacks (I cant think of a better word right now) happened to actresses at the start of their career. So yes they all kept their mouths shut for fear of their careers being destroyed before they get started.

I did read that at least one of the actresses claims that after she did speak out about it at the time her career did suffer. Whether her career really did suffer or not is impossible to work out (how do you tell if someone didnt get offered a part because of speaking out or because they thought the other actor was better? Thats a can of Worms to open up right there.). But I can imagine a simple "Hmm I dont rate her as an actress" comment from the head of a Production Company would discourage directors from casting an actress for fear that they would get a lower Budget with her in it.

Either way, he sounds like a complete prick, and deserves a good kicking for abusing his position of authority like that...

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