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Actually "Dave", or Dave as I prefer to be called, had apps set to update automatically because being an IT professional for 20 years has taught me that security updates are less of a headache than security issues. I watched many customers get spanked by Conficker for instance, simply because they hadn't applied the patch which had been available for years.

Sonos are suggesting that security updates are unnecessary, and that I should turn off app updating and take my chances just in case they try to screw me over again or change the terms of my contract with them. They are wrong. They have illegally ceased support for their products, which in the EU must be supported for a reasonable amount of time. For some reason they thought that they were entitled to change terms and force them on customers, this is illegal and unenforceable, and if I had the money to spend on lawyers I would have taken them to court and given them a sound beating. I don't have that much spare money so figured that a public pantsing would be a reasonable compromise.

I've since bought a Bose which has better sound, albeit with a slightly less functional app. The Bose also offers the convenience of modern wifi sound through my 20 year old stereo system too.

And no, he didn't make me up, I really did contact Tom and send him the mail from Sonos as a follow up to his previous article on the subject. Posting anon because I don't want my Reg account associated with this.

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