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LTO3 (400GB) , LTO4 (800GB) used tape drives...

1. When you've got 4TB of data, even an 800GB tape drive is not so useful.

2. I'd trust a used HDD before I trusted a used tape drive.

$50 to $100 for LTO3 and around $200-$250 for LTO4. With new unused tapes costing from $5 to $15 for both LTO3 and LTO4 (depending on sellers).

So that's (benefit of the doubt to you) $50 for the LTO3 drive and $50 for the ten tapes it'd take to store 4TB = $100 for LTO3, or $200 for the LTO4 Drive and $25 for the five tapes = $225 for LTO4.

Or you could just get a 4TB USB3 backup drive for $100 and enjoy faster and more selective backup/restore and not have to swap fscking tapes all the time.

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