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@ Potemkine

Hey you sound very much like EPO management to argument as you do my friend !

Btw what for do you need the identity of the staff rep: to have him/her hanging on a tree as new example for the masses ? Very weird question unless one wants to retaliate here.

Indeed you are right: it is not knew that SUEPO deplore drops in quality of the patents issued. And the fact that it was already worrying years ago is not exclusive of the fact that the situation is catastrophic now

The patent quality at EPO is THE elephant in the room.

Who (apart you) can you credibly imagine one sec. that the amazing figures (internal figures controlled by no one else than the President Office) can be achieved without cutting corners ?

Or is there a conspiracy where SUEPO managed to buy the German Delegate ?

What is the point you want to prove here if not trying to cast a negative light on this article. How much does the EPO pay you to destroy the work of The Register ?

As for the ILO-AT go yourself on the ILO website which is public and check the numbers of EPO cases by yourself. Your point is non sense since this is a fact that hundreds of EPO complaints are pending in front of the ILO-AT stemming from the EPO (due to the illegal policies implemented by the current administration).

If you want to see all publications in the press (Press which is of course corrupted by SUEPO) you can also visit

Next time please go trolling another site. We speak of serious business here

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