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Maybe for teenagers - but they won’t care about T’s & C’s.

The problem is not teenagers ... it is the 80's+ generation ... kids no longer learn history at school or do not understand history the same way as we do. Mass surveillance to them is acceptable, some even think it is desirable. We even have adults on here (Yes, I know, I know) supporting the "nothing to hide" stance ... Niemöller had nothing to hide ... worse, some are USians, I know, I know, the ONLY Western world country with political prisoners ... I know, I know ... Cannot fix dumb.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it ... I have to teach this to my kids ... something I would have expected the teachers to teach everybody in secondary school ... Shit, kids do not even learn about the difference between official and real causes of historical events ...

Like the conservatives in the UK who thought surveillance in GDR was terrible, however, are more than happy to pass laws for even more efficient surveillance than that in the GDR, here, in the UK, today ...

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