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El Reg was invited to the House of Lords to burst the AI-pocalypse bubble

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House of Lords has been pretty resilient to employment changes over the years, maybe the right people to ask about future employment change and keeping a job.

The UK certainly punching above their weight in terms of parliament member numbers alright.

Second highest in the world at 1430. China first on 2987 and Italy in third spot manages a paltry 950 or so.

Source : Wikipedia List of legislatures by numbers of members.

Quality and interesting article Andrew, found myself hanging on your observations in the audio.

You asked 'How to start?' - wow, you came bang out all hype sceptic, knocking some straight over.

Spot on with the liability, accountability and privacy issues.

Universal income not a premature argument but overdue for me.

Maybe there has already been an initial "Release the algorithms!" moment in finance and marketing,

with not many really seeing past the non-transparent transparency.

The data will be exploited for marketing purposes. The supplementary aeroplane flying over your house analogy and wanting a fee in royalty is not tight. The AI data agents be they smart phone, meter, cookies, cctv, wearables are flying fast 24x7 and some may not want a fee they may need a off button.

A look over the Rio Tinto, BHP self driving mining trucks suggests they manage a very impressive park unaided.

Grasp the AI opportunity UK, perhaps the biggest risk is bumbling along class lines and being irresponsible with the data.

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