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Artificial Intelligence in the real world.

Many many many moons ago I read "A door into Summer". And quite a few other books that featured barely independent, partially independent, moderately independent, and completely independent mechanical devices. Most of these were "Robots" that made humans lives simpler, easier, more efficient and less work.

When we here and now speak of "Artificial Intelligence" we (especially us TechnoGeeks) have an expectation that AI will be in the class of completely independent devices. I'm thinking that our path to that device will be long and difficult and will start with the lowly roomba. Sadly however, a roomba will still fall down the stairs if you don't fence them off, and can still manage to get itself jammed behind the couch. And *that* is where AI as our society sees it is stuck. It is the roomba stuck behind the couch.

There are tasks that are done that can be taught to purpose built devices and then repeated in perpetuity by that device. What we have great difficulty doing is teaching that device how to cope with something that we have *NOT* taught it directly - and *THIS* is the pivot point. Until the roomba can figure out, solely from observation, and understanding of its own limitations, and comprehension of the environment around it, how to move the couch and get out from behind it, our ability to create an AI will stagnate at feeding in enormous amounts of iterative data and *averaging* that (either literally or using algorithms) to mimic "intelligence". No matter *how* large the pool of input data, there will be future events that *do not* fit either the iterative knowledge or the algorithm.

Andrew: is there a public record anywhere of this committee? Love to see it in full.

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