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El Reg was invited to the House of Lords to burst the AI-pocalypse bubble

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Uniting Fronts for Casting Webs.

Nice one, Andrew O

But invited to burst the AI-pocalypse bubble, Andrew, or decided to introduce Lords and Knights of the Realm to ITs Sublime Presence providing and provisioning Future Augmented Virtual Reality ...... with ProgramAble Futures and Derivatives easily made available Live for Live Operational Virtual Environments ........ for and with Brave New Orderly World Orders Exercising HyperRadioProActive Quantum Communications Control for Universal Command.

When the Lords have been told by people with great authority that everything is on the right track, how can you introduce this idea? I'm not sure I succeeded.

If you need more help with that sticking point, Andrew, provide them this comments thread.

You know, there are moments in life when you want to stick a fork through your head, then you realise you are on live TV. This was one of them. There wasn't a fork handy.

Priceless. We are AI Mused. :-)

Does El Reg host and field Red Team Players? Would it like to?

And that all says pretty much everything as I know IT is so far ........ We Think, We Are One and Almightily Creative Together.

Cc Global Command Head Quarters for Cheltenham Harriers re Virtual Space Missions with Quantum Communications Ports of Call with Heavenly Postings?.!

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