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It doesn't come with a "Wacom Stylus" it's made by N Trig, and also it is sold separately along with the Keyboard. The pen for Surface has come on quite a bit since the one released with Surface pro 3, but is not as good as a proper Wacom made digitizer or the Apple pencil + iPad Pro for drawing in my experience, owning both of the devices in question. For some reason, my usage of the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and it's zillions of Adobe apps, Including Photoshop Sketch (which I couldn't live without) works better than the Surface running full Photoshop, possibly because it's designed for a tablet and is better to just sketch something out quickly and easily. Adobe don't seem to make their apps like this for Windows, you're just expected to run the full Windows version on the tiny Surface's screen and go slowly blind. Therefore I wouldn't exactly say this makes the iPad Pro look anaemic, it's closer to being the right tool for the job for many people's workflows and everything is touch optimized from the ground up, not as an afterthought. Windows 10's touch support seems worse than 8 as MS know they can't jettison it totally but they know that very few people use it.

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