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2019: The year that Microsoft quits Surface hardware

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That assumes that it will sell millions long term which is far from a given. It is priced as a bargain pc as opposed to being a console. Forza has never been a system seller on its own for Xbox in the same way GT has for Sony and making a driving game pretty (4k, 60fps) ain't exactly difficult because it is more or less on rails. Other exclusives like Sea of Thieves and the rest are nice but not system sellers. All the games for it will run happily on an Xbox One S, so they are limiting the market to people with 4K TVs who are happy to pay £449 for the privilege of a slightly higher resolution assuming devs take full advantage of this and reproduce the textures and geometry to take advantage of the extra power. I've cancelled my orders for the Scorpio Edition and the regular Xbox X until I see what the reception is going to be like especially amongst developers and not just rabid Xbox fans.

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