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I was bored one day, no computer at home, stuff all on TV. Watched some of that football stuff.

What's the appeal? The game they showed was some sort of team-based activity, but the thing looked pretty shit. I mean for a start the location of not only your team but each and every one of the enemy was clear to see, even if there were a dozen walls between you and them you could see where they were. No challenge or anything in it. Are these people with the mental skills of a 2yo or something?

For the sponsors; why would they pay money for something that even a toddler would struggle to find challenging? And if no sponsors, where do they get their money? From the drug dealers who sell whatever stuff people must be on to make them think they're actually engaged in something worthwhile?

Feel free to replace "football / team-based activity" with other terms like "team eating contest / competition" or "team drying paint / paint drying " and you argument will still only make as much sense as other pointless argument. Also

those 2 mins I spent watching it make me wonder about OP own mental ability.

If 2 mins is all it take for you to judge others professions, then it took me 2 mins to judge your profession. If you want to judge with a strong argument, you'll need to put more facts, data and spend more than 2 mins to make your judgment.

tl;dr I watch professional paint drying, your pointless argument is still pointless.

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