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Because in any reasonable definition of AI ...

Well what is a reasonable definition of AI?

I think this is a very pertinent question. IMO, we are asking the wrong question. I would say that we should be asking two questions: processing rate and type of data processed (both category and structure of data). I would argue that a thermostat embodies a very simple piece of intelligence. It is designed to detect a simple piece of data and make a simple decision. And a house thermostat does it at a rate of something like one bit per five minutes. A computer is not that different, except for complexity and speed.

How is that different from what we typically think of as human intelligence? Of course the data rate of a person is enormously faster than a thermostat. A computer is in the same ballpark as a person. Faster than human logical decision making (only a few bits per second). Not as good at some things like organizing real world data for decision making.

More interesting is the question of where intelligent systems are currently taking us. Most if not all real world systems include humans at some point, of course, and so are somewhat intelligent. Computers can, I think most people will agree, make humans smarter. So systems involving humans and computers can be smarter than just humans. But smart is not the same as good. And if we can't make sure people always act in "good" ways, intelligent systems are not always going to do good things either, and will have more capability to do both good and evil.

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