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Exactly. As a sometime Neuroscientist* I have to ask intelligent about what? This relates to consciousness as well, conscious of what? Consciousness is not a binary on or off, in toto or not at all thing. Think about yourself just waking up vs after that first caffeine hit or my morning exercises (unweighted squats, 20 supermen and some side planking with stars this morning; squats, 10pressups, 15 crunches yesterday).

New Scientist this week has an article on why expert systems might not result in the mass redundancy of white collar jobs. It uses as an example diagnostics, of metastatic breast cancer. Expert systems analysis of scans makes 7.5% of misdiagnoses, expert human doctors make 3.5% of mistakes. The thing is they make different sorts of mistakes. If you combine them, get them to mark each other's homework the error rate falls to 0.5%.

This apart from anything else evidence that if the expert system were intelligent (it isn't) then it would be an alien intelligence. It would also be a poor conversationalist, obsessed with breast cancer diagnoses to the exclusion of all else. Take it from a scientist who has had occasion to mix with the medical profession, we can talk about other things.

*for a start Muscle is an excitable tissue but I did my PhD in the Neurophysiology part of the Physiology Dept and my academic address was Centre for Neuroscience and Dept of Physiology. The Journal Neuroscience was part of my regular reading material.

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