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Can't you con figure any SAN volume to be write once if you want?

You can bake a similar service using a locked-down stand alone Linux machine with cold-swappable drives for the cost of less than 3% of the cost of the SAN. It is trivial to integrate with any existing backup software too - just make it export the "current backup" as filesystem. You can encrypt it or do anything else to your heart's content. The moment the backup run is over, unmount and mount the next one. "Freeze" the old one. Once a week/month/year/whatever, remove disk(s) containing the frozen snapshots and replace with fresh. There are like 20-odd ways to do that, none of which should take more than half an hour to rig and have running with no software costs and outright integration into most off the shelf backup systems (except the Apple TimeBomb idiocy which insists on Apple Only network shares to backup).

None of them will be used in an RDX shop anyway. It is a toy for people with more money than sense. Its cost per TB is ridiculous compared to both LTO and disk based virtual tape libraries.

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