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How bad can the new spying legislation be? Exhibit 1: it's called the USA Liberty Act

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NSA "FISA Court" Liberty Act.

it is all(ways) an act.

If one really wants to review the issue, lets start with weapons. Any weapon. And say, where was it made, where was it sold, and who used it last. I think it would astonish most folks to learn that weapons, parts of weapons, transport of weapons, sales of weapons marketing of weapons has been so utterly integral to the evolution of the US of A for the last ..... ooo ... 120 years or so .... perhaps -- much longer. Weapons, production, transport, sales, training, advise on deployment and use of are very valuable.

And strangely -- there are rather a lot of weapons manufacturers in the USA.

And strangely, if there are foreign rebels that needs supporting against a vile dictatorship there are weapons. To be sold, transported, sold on again, traded for, deployed and used.

Mind you sometime those rebels, well they manage to cook up ugly ugly ugly "democratic" republics, and that regime just might need changing while we're at it. And this requires weapons. And intelligence, and transport, and ammunition.

Yes, yes, yes, LIBERTY!!! we'll enact LIBERTY!!! for the FOX news listeners.

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