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he person who is "hampering their investigation" by not caving in and agreeing to whatever lies the pigs want to push.

A company has no choice but to follow the law, but that also means it does not have to follow anything BUT the law. We do privacy, yet have a reasonable relationship with the police insofar that they know that the whole "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" game of getting access without a warrant is not going to fly.

If they DO come in with a warrant, they know we have the processes in place to help them quickly and explicitly contained to their enquiry (fishing expeditions are illegal) - it is in our interest too not to contribute to crime. But without a warrant it's a no-go, the way it should be. Not that we've ever seen them ask for anything yet, but when you plan a business you should do it right because NOT doing it creates a customer risk in itself.

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