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I would keep an eye on Google: They will own the desktop in a decade, while the open source crowd gapes in astonishment, because the key's in having a business productivity ecosystem - and not just a pretty GUI.

I'd like to agree with you, because I've developed for the Chrome App platform and quite like it. But I think the writing is on the wall and Google will be killing that platform. They've already removed support for it on desktop systems, and Chromebooks can now run Android apps. There have been no API developments in well over a year. They haven't admitted it yet, but I think they plan on phasing out ChromeOS in favor of running Android on laptops and tablets. They're no longer interested in the desktop market, except for stuff that can be hosted as standard HTML5 web apps.

Where they've really demolished MS, though, is in the low-end office suite department. The "G Suite" apps are toys compared to MS Office or even LibreOffice, but most people just need to type letters and the occasional budget spreadsheet, and Google does that just fine. I've also worked at places that supported both G Suite and Office 365, and Office 365 had a lot more downtime.

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