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Oh? Valve's been trying to get game developers to jump ship for YEARS now, without much success (just listen to the likes of Bethesda swear off Linux while trying to port Fallout 4).

Who the hell are "Bethesda"? Some company you have dibs in? I don't believe I've ever heard anyone other than you mention them. Same for this "Fallout 4" you mention every other post.

I put it this way. Linux gaming won't take off until PROFESSIONAL gamers (you know, the ones who do this for real-life money) make the switch.

I think you might have a bit of a shock or few in store but.. These "PROFESSIONAL gamers!!!11!!!11!1!!!!!!1!!!1!" you have such a hard-on for DON'T set the standards for the rest of us. They're a tiny blip on any radar, Sure, they might chuck a few thousand into each of their dozen graphics cards but y'know what? I'll bet they spent fuck all with companies as a group, and they certainly don't do much for advertising stuff.

Yet look at games for Android devices, that have top-dollar movie stars (eg Arnie S) promoting them - high end systems? No. Windows systems? No. "PROFESSIONAL gamers !!!!!!!!!!1!11111!1!1?" No. Install base many times larger than those games you go on about? Most likely. Same may be able to have been said about all the ones that were available on Facebook a while back - play on any js-capable machine, minimal code/graphics, yet played by far more people. ICBW as I haven't actually looked at the numbers, but I have seen these firms pushing their wares the few times I get caught watching live TV whereas I don't see the stuff you think is a fundamental requirement to the conditioned existence of the universe.

BTW, the first professional gaming I ever saw (which I forgot until a minute or two ago) was Defender, which was played on console machines way back in the 80's. The movie "Pixels" covers it. None of them needed Windows for gaming.

--> Have one of these anyway, my shout.

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