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Re: Microsoft is trying very hard to kill itself.

"...I would keep an eye on Google: They will own the desktop in a decade..."

You mean those fuck-ups that twice bought a phone-manufacturer and brandname and couldn't deal with either of them? Those idiots that one day claim to bring their "desktop OS" closer to their "mobile OS" and the next day deny all of this (which sounds suspiciously like Microsoft actually)? Those morons whom hide every stamina tweaking crap of their mobile OS with cool sounding names, like Project Volta or Project Doze, but can't see the biggest power saving feature which literally stares them in the face (like utilising black on Amoled screens perhaps)?

Sure, let THEM reign the desktop, then we're in for worst!

No thanks, 2 bad guys on the desktop is enough we don't don't need a third one. And we definitely don't want one to become the dominant marketleader again!!!

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