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"Reproduction is not copying yourself."

What's this self that you'd be copying? Yourself today may look very much like yourself of yesterday or even of a few moments ago. But yourself is a dynamic object.

However still you may try to stay your heart pumps, blood circulates, sugars are broken down into simpler organic acids, oxidised, electrons pumped, adenosine phosphorylated, transported and dephosphorylated, your ribs and diaphragm move to pump air in and out of your lungs and that's only the basic respiration providing energy to the rest.

Over the slightly longer term hair grows slightly from day to day and gets lost :( skin grows and flakes of it are also lost. Internally cells die and their remnants scavenged to form new cells. Food is taken in, digested, used and waste excreted.

Germane to this thread, pulses pass through the nervous system.

You're not a static object that can be copied. Come to that, neither is something as apparently simple as a glass of water - an ice cube, maybe and the glass but a mass of fluid, no.

Nevertheless, living organisms have been reproducing new instances of these complex arrangements for a very long time now. We may not be able to characterise such chaotic entities in complete detail but, like every other species, we can reproduce without the need to of such characterisation.

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