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"RHEL licence is much cheaper than windows server

Well no it really isn't. Generally it's a lot more. So for instance the full RHEL enterprise version with all options + premium support costs $9,234 a year.

Whereas Windows Server 2016 Datacentre is $6,155 Once Off + 25% a year for enterprise support and maintenance

So over say 10 years of use and updates, an enterprise RHEL sub costs $92,340, where Windows Server Datacentre licensing costs $21,542. This will vary for different use cases but in general RHEL costs a fair bit more.

"and the latter needs additional licenses for everything from applications to several licenses for each user,""

Applications only need licensing if you install them - that's not an OS issue. Ditto say Oracle on Linux. Most organisations would already need Windows Server CALs for every user / device. However to be fair - if we look at the cost - at $30 each, you don't need to be running many Windows Servers to pay for that across your enterprise versus the cost of RHEL!

People don't generally choose to use paid versions of Linux due to cost versus Windows. It really isn't cheaper. They chose it because they want to use a supported Linux version.

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