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For all that Apple is overpriced one thing they had right for 2007 till recently:

iOS and MacOS were totally different GUIs for different kinds of use/screen. They maybe need to rethink the latest versions of MacOS a little and think harder about the big iPads and the surface like big tablet with pen, keyboard and iOS.

iOS/iPhone is maybe a bit to restrictive, but it's well suited to the main use & target market. MacOS is still quite well suited to its target market. Windows 10 is a disaster for the most important markets for it, content creators, SOHO, SME and Enterprise. Especially legacy Windows business applications. That is 99% of the market for Windows, yet it seems aimed at content consuming users buying iPads or Android Tablets. MS, that is NOT your market. You are enraging and crippling business users trying to address it. Look how well merging desktop & phone has worked! Once upon a time in North America Win CE had 22% on pocket devices, you have pushed it to 0.3% or less and seriously damaged the laptop/desktop and server market.

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