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Especially a crappy one that keeps logs.

I'm not sure that an outfit that keeps logs automatically deserves to be called crappy.

There is a major difference between being anonymous (which is a right) and being unaccountable (which usually infringes other people's rights and frequently veers into the criminal), although they are often seen as one and the same. The problem with offering anonymisation and privacy facilities is that you may also end up protecting criminal behaviour and the one thing you can NOT do as a business is break the law or collaborate with law breakers.

As a business, logfiles are your only protection against that, provided you're in a country where access to such data is legally protected (which is why you really should not use a US provider as they have declared such meta data in certain cases accessible without warrant).

I have looked at PureVPN before, and I decided not to use them because I don't know about Chinese law and HK exceptions to know what rights I have (which is not their fault). However, I cannot blame a business from collaborating with the police - they have no choice, and it may even be that they are legally required to preserve those logs. To be honest, if I were running a business like that I'd preserve them too (I'd make that clear to possible customers, which admittedly may be fewer as a consequence), provided I had a legal means to prevent access without warrant.

It's not their fault that people conflate anonymous and unaccountable.

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