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My wife's less than 1 year old Lenovo Yoga tablet has not had any patches or version updates, indeed the one update that is available is known to break it badly, it is still being sold with Android 5.1. No other updates seem to be in the offing.

Many Andriod devices are offered as sell and forget by the builders and Google has abdicated responsibility to OEMs to support the OS. Imagine if Microsoft had said well do patches but it is up to Dell/HP/Lenovo/Walmart/boutique builder/cornershop to distribute updates and patches?

Windows Phone had one advantage in that all installs are pretty standard (the OS is designed to enable patching by move code out of the kernel, a route Andriod is following, all be it slowly) so patching could be done centrally by MS compare that to Android devices where patching and updates is the responsibility of people who are only interested in selling you new kit.

And Google actually distribute mailware

Google should grow up and spend more time fixing its own issues rather than trying to destroy MS, its a pointless fight that does no one any good, It used to champion doing no evil, it seems more hell bent than Apple on world domination at any cost which is saying something.

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