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How much for that Belkin cable? Margin of 1,992%?

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Still expensive

Only two weeks ago, I popped into PC world out of boredom (the other half at next door Currys) and saw a Belkin USb cable for £19.99, conveniently placed where they sold printers ! Mind, they sell printer cables separately, whereas before they would be included in the box. They make it a point to highlight this with a sticker too. Was so disgusted that I didnt even muster up the courage to confront the sales bod (who was loitering aimlessly) with a question about pricing strategy and justifications. He wouldnt even have known the answer. Usually, I like to remind them the price in poundland is err... a pound.

I once picked up a 10 metres length of Cat5 network cable for a pound in, you guessed it, Poundland. And it was a fully loaded and fancifully packed Belking brand. Still use it today.

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