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Now it's bugging me to upgrade again and I don't want to push that button.

During the 'free' win10 upgrade thing, I told everyone who used the win7 laptop not to press the upgrade to win10 button, because it buggered up the communication programs we use to talk to the robots/machines and we could'nt afford the downtime to sort it.

(plus I hate the win10 gui)

In fact theres only the CAD package we use and the accounting software that keeps us tied to windows, if we could get both of those on linux, we'd be off to redhat or something like it in 2 seconds flat.

Because windows is a flakey unstable pos.

Why else would one of the win10 laptops keep losing network access at random.

Its BSOD time "opps something has gone wrong :) please wait while we gather information for the next 30 mins... " fek off 3 fingered salute and reboot ... we've got work to do

It took m$ a number of years (win95/98 and XP, and win7) to come up with a winning formula... why did they change it?


<<wishing for win10 with the GUI and stability of win7

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