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>>because they have some industrial machine attached to their computer.<<

I had a disturbing occurrence of something similar last year. A machine needed it's control computer replaced and the replacement was Win10. It arrived already set up and patched with all software installed so all I had to do was re-do all the machine specific calibrations and everything was good to go.

I did not feel it needed to see the network so it wasn't connected.

One month in and the system decides it's pirated and pops up the notice continually. Plugging it into the network oddly solved that without any intervention from me (i.e. no activation needed as it had already been done before.)

Unfortunately it then said it needed to upgrade the system and drivers and dumped everything machine specific into the bin in the process, causing another re-do of all the calibrations. The new graphics driver it tried to load also buggered up the machine interface program and I had to disable it and run a fallback to get things back on the screen. I fully blame AMD for that one as their drivers are always ass, but why did my OS even try to push a new graphics driver? That is not it's damned job.

Thanks MS. Lovely new OS you've got there, makes me glad I'm not using it at home.

Now it's bugging me to upgrade again and I don't want to push that button.

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