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John Brown (no body) There's quite a lot of that and as far as I can see, not just in the public sector. Laborious and complex time allocation sheets to show that you are working fully during the day, that take longer to fill out than the odd ten minutes a few people might skive if they could get away with it. But which decent management relationships could make irrelevant instantly. Or casual car use mileage claim sheets that are so detailed and cumbersome to complete and return that they cost more in wasted staff time to complete than they save in preventing small amounts of inaccuracy or petty fiddling. And so on.

In all these cases efficient management and trusting staff the is the most cost effective arrangement. It's just one that bean counters don't understand. I did once come across a case of real fiddling, in the office next door to us. But the very junior staff member who had been doing the fiddling had been left to it by his rather senior manager who had never bothered to check the expenditure and the purchasing orders he was authorising.

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