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How bad can the new spying legislation be? Exhibit 1: it's called the USA Liberty Act


Clearly many people misunderstand the point of owning guns and ammunition. Put aside the madmen who lose the thread, suffer a breakdown, and go postal. The point of the guns is to ward of the "hot burglars," the home invaders, the small crowd with torches and pitchforks....long enough to protect my pile of 1 oz gold coins. These are invaluable: Once the gov decides to turn off my electric money and internet service, only the gold coins will allow me to deliver to my political representatives a convincing argument for saving my a@s.

I note, further, that the Taliban are about to get their government back. Why, even the New York Times found that a pair of gatling guns effectively protected their offices from a murderous hoard of thieving peasants in 1863. I close my case by recalling that all the SWAT teams with APCs, and many regular infantry, simply aren't willing to move aggressively, so there's a real chance I can deliver the gold coins.

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