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It's a Matter of Integrity

If Kaspersky was playing fair, then where are all its discoveries of Russian Malware?

I've researched this issue several times in the past. And I have never found one single time where Kaspersky broke the news about Russian Malware. They have always written about it after the fact, as others have been the ones to make these disclosures. So, I don't see why people are defending them, unless, they just hate the US that much. Which, most only show their hypocrisy, and lack of self-awareness. All I'm saying is, that Kaspersky lacks a certain credibility in this struggle between two countries. And that alone, is cause for concerns.

Now, if Kaspersky were located outside either country, or reported on Russia as much as US intelligence works, then, he might have saved himself from the wrath of those he tattled on. Did he think it smart to expose US Intel publically, without privately disclosing first, what he discovered? Isn't that how it usually is done with others?

And escalation is only going to make it harder to detect these Intel intrusions. Because, they will be forced to up their game out of necessity.

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