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I love mine

The Thinkpad is basically an industrial tool. It is designed to do a job of work, and to do it well. Not like some of the crappy computers you see out there; which seem to be designed to look as though they were designed to do a job, by someone whose actual experience of that job goes no further than "seen it being done, thought the tools were ugly".

My own Thinkpad -- an Edge 15; now running Xenial Xerus, having been upgraded a few times from Oneiric Ocelot -- has been flung around in a rucksack on buses and trains, sat on by cats and even opened too close to a candle (evidenced by just a slight smooth spot in the otherwise rough texture). And yes, I'm fully aware that by many standards it's hardly a "real" Thinkpad! But the HDD is being a bit slow, after one drop too many; and I'm now torn between buying myself a whole new Thinkpad that might not be as good as this one, or spending rather less on an SSD (more drop-proof, as well as faster) and a pair of 4GB SODIMMS (it has two 2GB ones in it) just to see if I can get another 5 years out of this one.

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