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I thought it was interesting that there is a "Society for IT Managers" that was stating this.

I've never hear of this society but it might explain a strange conversation I had in the New Zealand airport a few years ago.

As I approaching border control to enter the country two police stopped me and asked what I did for a living. At the time I described myself as an IT manager. One of them then said "What is the drug scene like for IT Managers?"

I was confused and wasn't sure how to answer. the other looked at me and said "Is there many drugs used?". I stumbled and said, confusingly "I don't know, I don't know any other IT Managers and I don't really hang around in groups of them". It seemed a bizarre question, but I guess they were just trying to trip people up and it may work for other professions.

However now I guess they were talking about the "Society for IT Managers" and what they get up to, maybe they were looking for a spy or had some intelligence on them?? Who knows, but it seems like they like to party hard.

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