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How bad can the new spying legislation be? Exhibit 1: it's called the USA Liberty Act

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re fools anyone

I don't think it fools anyone, and I don't think it's meant to. It's the old dance, only that both the dancers, and those being danced on, no longer bother to pretend it's fine and subtle and the tune ain't bad. If it's window dressing, it's of the tackiest kind, but no-one bothers to even pretend it's meant to be pretty. We know we can fuck you, and you know we can do nothing about being fucked, so yeah, fuck you (citizen), with liberty.


but then, the resentment builds up, even if slowly, and leads to revolution / mob rule, where even worse scum comes up to rule. Unless the minor issue of revolution has already been taken care of? I might live to find out.

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