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Russian spies used Kaspersky AV to hack NSA staffer, swipe exploit code – new claim

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Okay so..

NSA in cooperation with the United States creates dangerous exploits in software which can be used to exploit hundreds of computers.

The NSA store these exploits instead of getting them fixed without telling anyone and allow employees to take them home for use on their personal computers.

Russia obtains said exploits from an NSA workers personal computer - NSA say this is bad as a foreign security agency should not be allowed or able to use such exploits as it posses a serious security risk to hundreds of computers.

America blames Russia and a Russian company for these exploits becoming exploitable against any company world-wide.

Surely all this could of been avoided if the NSA had simply had the exploits fixed instead of of storing them? I mean they are a security agency right? Wouldn't that be in their interest?

In my opinion NSA keeps the blame, it was them after all who are/was using them for malicious purposes instead of fixing them. They are no better than Russia.

Being American doesn't make you exempt from being a bad guy and it doesn't not make you any better than any other spying agency.

How many Russian computers have NSA exploited to steal Russian found exploits? Heck some of the stolen exploits could have originated from Russia anyway as NSA may have lifted them from a Russian computer using their other exploits.

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