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Russian spies used Kaspersky AV to hack NSA staffer, swipe exploit code – new claim

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This is stupid

The leak is the guy who stole the stuff from work and brought it home, against the law.

Now they want to blame someone else? Maybe it was Kaspersky this time, maybe next time it's some other AV or a hack, maybe even one written by "our boys in the alphabet".

Blame shifting - they are themselves to blame for mishandling their secrets, a goodly portion of which probably should never have been created - by them, we can remember - in the first place.

They're always whining that national security is harmed by this. In fact, it's their reputation being harmed, and their rice bowl is under threat. They themselves are a bigger threat to my and most other people's security than the Russians or Chinese are. We know it already - See FISA rubber stamping everything.

See their own leaks. OPM...did the Russians do Deloitte? A simple cross reference there would point out who's good to be bribed. It's the guys who collect all this crap on us that are risking our safety and security - they're leakier than a gossipy old lady with nothing better to do.

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