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How bad can the new spying legislation be? Exhibit 1: it's called the USA Liberty Act


Do they seriously think that giving these Constitutional Abridgement Acts newspeak names fools anyone? What am I saying? Of course they do ... and they're right. The Departments of Love and Peace managed finagle an act called PATRIOT (the first time I heard of it I assumed it was The Onion).

They can even get away with the obvious doublethink implicit in contending that metadata is simultaneously innocuous and an essential investigative resource. It cannot be both! If it were truly innocuous it would, by definition, be utterly useless and there would be no point in collecting it. How in the name of Zeus can the voters be so sanguine about evisceration of the 4th Amendment and yet get so agitated when it is pointed out that the Militia clause means the 2nd only provides for the National Guard to possess firearms? Do they seriously think that owning a Glock is a greater guarantee of liberty than shredding this sort of Orwellian legislation?! What am I saying? Of course they do...

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