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My Surface Pro 3 is still going strong after 3 years. It's the longest usage I've had out of any machine and it still looks new.

My first HP Elitebook 2730p lasted about 8 months before I had to RMA it. The replacement's keyboard fell apart after a another year and all the fake stainless steel finish peeled off. My Dell Latitude E4200 needed a replacement ssd after 18 months and always had a glitchy screen.

Anyway, my point being, my experience has been the Surface Pros are above par as far as QC and longevity are concerned. Sure there's been a few missteps along the way but my SP3 is still getting active support from MS and for that, I'll find it really disappointing if I have to go back to a provider that ditches firmware / driver support after about 18 months.

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