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"Those £129 laptops will do the same as your £2500 bling (bing) machine..... Pleb..."

Yeah... no they wont.

Those £129 laptops will have at most 4GB of RAM, they will not have an SSD and if they do it will be criplingly small (Such as the HP Stream laptops 64GB Hdd... honestly!) they will also have (AT BEST) an i3 CPU... at worst some celeron crud from over a decade ago (Again HP Stream, Im looking at you)

Now, I know that this isnt the use case for most, but I run visual studio, SQL Server office and at least one VM from my laptop... its (as mentioned before in another comment a 4 year old yoga 2 pro - 8GB Ram with an i7 CPU) it struggles sometimes when Im working so please do tell me how a £129 machine can do the same job?

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