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About the "active hours" thing... I just love the idea of having a setting to tell a computer that I own what time it should allow me to do what *I* want, subject to the limitations MS imposes on the hours that I can reserve for myself. The rest of the time is Microsoft time, and only after they have done whatever it is they want with my PC during those hours will I be allowed to have control over my own property.

The symbolism is clear-- Microsoft is the alpha, and the alpha gets to eat first. The beta gets to eat once the alpha is finished, and he should be glad he gets anything at all. Microsoft's "generous" allowance of a block of time you can set to get first shot at your own PC actually forces the user to admit, point blank, that MS is in control, because you're forced to allocate part of the day for Microsoft whether you want to or not. You can't set active hours without tacitly admitting that Microsoft is the authority who gets to dictate the terms of the deal, and you can only pick from within the choices Microsoft chooses to allow.

As Hall & Oates said... I can't go for that. No can do.

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