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Apple are so wealthy because they own the supply chain from start to finish. Bought in components are off the shelf and easy to source the specialised bits are made in house or by companies who are so tied in to apple that not performing would sound the death knell. The lock in on apple products also heavily contributes to this - not being able to go where you want when you want for software without invalidating warranty means they have a monopoly - even if the people don't purchase an apple app the major players are paying to be in the store in the first place.

Add into that the mark-up is huuuugggeeee but you have the fanbois who will happily pay a premium for the badge and not because its something they need - you end up with one happy fruity company.

I'm just glad to see that Apple's days of trying to dictate to consumers what they will have rather than listen to what they want have backfired and some people are jumping ship.

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