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"They enjoy shafting people and piss their pants laughing as suckers buy into the next creation."

all snark aside I doubt it's THAT bad. I'd just blame the usual incompetence and "bubble world" thinking.

They're trying to out-Apple Apple. It ain't working.

The *BIGGEST* problem with Surface is the 2D FLATSO Win-10-nic. If they'd just go back to a Windows-7 or Windows-XP UI, I think people would *LOVE* it!!!

But you know, they've invested SO much in the 2D FLATSO "the metro" UWP fiasco, that changing direction NOW would cause too many people (including HER) to admit they were WRONG in the process, such that it just ain't gonna happen. Dammit.

Abandoning Surface might still happen though.

Micro-shaft: Acting like Communists since the early noughties i.e. "You will take it or we shove it in anyway, because one size fits all, everyone is the same, you can't be different" and "We know best what's best for you, the proletariat" [yeah nothing like top-down dictating instead of 'customer knows best']

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