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In fact, compared to Apple in store service, it was amazing. My average waiting time for service at Apple Stores is 45 minutes. Microsoft was always better. And even better, instead of waiting 30 minutes to get an appointment with and appointment scheduler who will schedule you time with a Genius in 2 hours, the Microsoft store helps immediately.

Well, duh, that's because the MS stores are basically empty. No surprise there.

I am perfectly happy to pay Apple Care and Microsoft extended warranties because I love having the long term support. I always buy top of the line models as well... because if you will use it daily for 4-8 years, $400-800 a year is completely reasonable.

Good point, although it's easier to get global service on an Apple device than a Microsoft one on account of more locations. I fear that if MS pulls out from Yet Another Hardware Venture you'll be stuck with a machine you can no longer get serviced.

As for corporations, I have no idea what kind of idiot would buy anything other than MS these days.

Sjeez, thanks, we will still buy Macs. Apple has only been making those for over a decade now so I think they're a bit more stable on the hardware supply side than Microsoft and per user TCO still works in their favour.

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