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Captain DaFt

The new logo tells me a story:

"Crap! That logo design's due tomorrow and I haven't even started!"

"OK, don't panic, lets look at the old one..." *fiddles with iPhone*

"OK, right. Just select a parallelogram, paste, mirror horizontally, paste, copy, mirror vertically, paste again, and back to the original, paste bottom center... This font looks good, add name, and done!"

"Wait... Need a good story... just type in a couple of paragraphs of 'art speak', and done! Waiter! Time for another round!" *Puts iPhone down*

Next day: "Woo-hoo, they bought it! I was sweating bullets when I noticed that I'd forgotten to color match the text, but they all thought it was 'fresh!' and 'dynamic!'... Suckers!"

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