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I agree with you 100%. But also, speaking from my perspective, I owned the original Surface Pro (2012 edition) and that bad boy immediately upgraded to Windows 10 when Windows 10 was released. And from that point worked even better than it previously had. Then when the Surface Pro 4 came out, I bought it. I was in love with it until all the issues it was having. And not just me, but almost everyone was having all the similar issues. I toughed it out and waited. They continued to issue firmware updates, and soon after, little by little, all the problems were disappearing. That device has become something truly amazing. I would never use anything else out there. Mine is still in mint condition, everything works, I consistently put it on sleep mode, and doesn't I'll my battery and wakes up in an instant. Again, I would never go back to using any other Windows hardware. And no, I strongly believe and am 100% certain that Microsoft would never stop making devices. I believe that from this point they will only get better. The writer of this article was probably someone very unlucky whom probably encountered massive problems with his Surface or has mishandled it all this time and broke or began to fall apart on him.

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